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The Perfectly Sized Couple

According to a recent article in The Independent, the ideal female body shape can be best represented by Naomi Campbell. Some researchers from Poland studied the body types of beauty contestants and compared them with other women to discern what body part sizes are considered most attractive.

Business Tech

Pegasus News: The Coolest Thing to Hit Local Dallas News

If you haven’t jumped on the Pegasus bandwagon, you’re likely to be one of those poor, pitiful souls who wishes they had. For anyone interested in local news, this is your one-stop shop. But don’t just read! Write!

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Tarrant County Prays More than Dallas

I don’t know if it’s in the water or what, but my personal experience has proven that people in Tarrant County pray over meals more than people in Dallas County. We can’t really include Collin and Denton Counties in this comparison. Denton County is perhaps the most bizarre in Texas, and Collin County is full […]


German Scientists Scan Brains to Predict Decision Making

If you thought that the uses of technology couldn’t get any creepier, you would be wrong. With a “donut shaped” MRI machine, German scientists are scanning people’s brains during the process of decision making. The subjects are given a choice between two options: to add or subtract, or to push this button or that.

Tech Writing

Blogs are Security Risks

For anyone out there with even an ounce of conspiracy theory in their blood, the idea of blogging should terrify you. We live in the age of Homeland Security, legal wire tapping, library card monitoring, internet and email monitoring…. you name it, it’s happening.