Author: Daniel Dessinger Social Media Platform Received $150 Million to Challenge Social Media Giants

Every week I hear someone talking about leaving Facebook. There’s a growing consensus that the largest social media platforms are unfairly censoring user generated content based on an idealogical or political difference. And while several platforms like Parler have launched prematurely as a reaction to censorship, the world really needs […]

oasys emf shielding device

Day 7 Review of Q-Link Oasys

Seven days ago, I wrote to you about my latest experiment. I installed a Q-Link Oasys in my home and didn’t tell anyone else… just to see if or how it might affect the rest of the family. After seven days of constant Oasys activation, I can tell you that […]

oasys emf shielding device

Day 1 Review of Q-Link Oasys

Have you ever had people recommend therapies, treatments, or lifestyle changes that sounded so silly you knew you’d never give it a second thought? I know I have. But you know you are desperate when what sounds like quackery is now a valid consideration. When things get so bad that […]

Apple TV device in black and white

Can I Turn Off Apple TV WiFi?

If you ask the question about disabling Apple TV WiFi on the Apple forums, you’ll get blasted by all the rude and disrespectful commenters who think WiFi sensitivity is BS. If you’d like to avoid the hostility and frustration of people telling you that it’s all in your heard, I […]