Author: Michael Callaway

With a Name like Blagojevich, He Has to be Good

Sure, Rod Blagojevich may have tried to sell Barack Obama’s Senate seat to the highest bidder and I do not doubt that he and his wife are foul mouthed people.  However, despite all of that, I think he should stay on has governor of Illinois and continue to serve the […]


It’s Alive! The GOP is ALIVE!

While the GOP sure looked bad on Nov 4th, there is still hope that the Grand Old Party will not be completely dead in 2009.  With the run off election victory of Saxby Chambliss over Jim Martin in Georgia and the possible victory of Norm Coleman defeating Al Franken in […]


Going Green AGAIN: It’s Time to Act

Last year I wrote about how it’s not easy being green and, while it was an inspired piece of writing, as most of my blogs are, this year I am going to approach the whole “Green is Universal” week on NBC differently then I did last year.  While last year I sounded […]


A Truly Historic Election in 2008

Well it finally has happened, history has indeed happened.  There was strong debate throughout the process, people feeling very passionate about the issues.  There were a lot of ups and downs and while it was possible to see the outcome well before election night, I do not think anyone really […]


Surprise VP Pick for McCain

Let me go on record as saying I was completely wrong in who I thought John McCain was going to pick.  I was hopeful for Mike Huckabee but thought it would be Mitt Romney, I know people were talking about the governor of Minnesota or of Florida but I did not […]


2008 Democratic Convention Review

Just in case you do not know, I am a pretty solid Republican, have been my whole life, so I would suggest you take my views on the Democratic Convention with a grain of salt.  As I watched Obama speech I must say that I loved everything he had to […]


More Diet Soda, Please

In the battle of the bulge one of the greatest weapons that we have is the diet drink.  You see, in the past if you wanted a sweet refreshing drink you had to have sugar.  Thanks to modern science, with its unnatural and inorganic ways, this is not the case.  […]


Take the Test: Are You Liberal or Conservative?

What is conservative?  What is liberal?  I ask this question because these words get thrown around all the time with no real clear understanding of what they mean.  To some people I am viewed as a Liberal.  Me, Mr. Wannabe-Vast-Right-Wing-Conspiracy-Member, a Liberal.  


You Want Some GOP, Yeah You Know Me!

I have said that you will not get positive campaigns until positive campaigns work.  I have just watched the Republican debate in Florida and I must say that I am very impressed with all the candidates.  Everyone answered the questions that were presented to them and did not turn ugly […]