Author: Lisa Pawlowski

Is Palin Ready for Office?

As a political conservative, I’ve written previously about how thrilled I was that John McCain picked Governor Sarah Palin as his vice president (See my recent article here). I wasn’t the only one who was excited by his choice. McCain’s poll numbers enjoyed a bounce after the announcement. Donors infused […]


An Independent’s Perspective on Voting

My good friend, Barb, bakes four loaves of bread for her family every weekend because she doesn’t trust the additives and chemicals in store bought bread. Even though she’s a nurse and works in the health industry, she doesn’t take her daughters to the doctor unless she absolutely has to […]


What Is The European View of the United States?

My husband, Kevin, recently came home from a European business trip. Over the course of a week and a half, he visited Poland, England and Ireland. Even though he was across the Atlantic Ocean, he knew exactly what was going on in America because of the constant European news coverage […]


I Finally Have a Horse in the Race

The August 15 issue of Entertainment Weekly featured interviews with presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama. It was a light interview in which the reporter asked questions like, “Who controls the remote in your home?” “What was the last movie you saw in a theatre?” “Who do you think […]


To Have, To Hold, and To Submit?

One afternoon, when my husband and I were watching my son’s soccer game, a woman I had never met before was eager to share with me something she had just discovered. “I tell you what. I never knew happiness until I learned to submit to my husband.” At first, I […]

person holding a pen writing on a piece of paper

Do All Writers Write Books?

Do you hear that sound of smacking lips? That’s me trying to get the bad taste of Austin out of my mouth. That sounds really negative, doesn’t it? It wasn’t all bad. I’m just let down. In my previous post, I wrote with excitement about going to Austin to the […]