Author: Jeff McCord

Feeling Down? Get a Haircut

I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed the last few weeks. My new job is extremely busy and I’ve found that when I get home around 6:00pm each day, I am so exhausted that I don’t even feel like opening up my Macbook.  

Flip Ultra HD video recorder

To HD or Not to HD

On the chance that you’re anything like me, you love how Web 2.0 has transformed the world into instant gratification with video. On almost any blog and website these days, videos are embedded everywhere giving the user a “TV-esque” view into the world of others. YouTube transformed this into making video easy to […]


Give Obama a Chance on Thursday

Culture Feast has several opinion articles written about this year’s highly-anticipated election year. We’ve seen articles that bash McCain and we’ve seen articles that bash Obama. To me, it seems there are definitely more anti-Obama articles on the internet, but then again I’ll freely admit I have bias.  


Normal Dallas Heatwave or Global Warming?

It’s really hot outside. We hit 100 degrees yesterday (June 27th) which was our 4th time to hit 100 this summer. Sadly, it’s not even July yet. But one thing we can all agree on, in this time of political debates, technology debates and any other debate… it’s hot outside. […]


Bring Your Dog to Work

According to a CNN/Money poll in 2006, 75% of all dog owners would work longer hours if they could bring their dog to work.  In this day of employers trying to create “work-life harmony” and adding more value to their employee’s’ benefits, bringing a dog to work sounds like a fantastic […]