Author: Ugur Akinci

person looking out a window at the rain outside

Loneliness of Learning

I’m at a seaside resort somewhere in the Aegean. I’ve just visited the Temple of Apollo today. Built 2,700 years ago, the temple was surrounded by stone blocks full of inscriptions in classical Greek, which of course I cannot read. I kicked myself why I haven’t devoted the time in […]


America’s Real Treasure

Here is a commencement speech that every American (and every culture vulture, for that matter) should read. In this important speech retired U.S. Justice David Souter defends the U.S. Supreme Court against charges of “activism” and explains why a simple-minded “fair reading of facts” approach to Constitutional law won’t do. He explains (in a manner that even I […]


Boundaries and Identity in the Age of Globalization

Boundaries are a must to preserve identity. Individuals need a boundary. And so do nations, football fans, and lovers. There are 2 ways in which a boundary can be violated: 1) Non-members cross over the boundary and enter the “home domain.” 2) The coordinates of the boundary are changed. Or […]


RIP Newspapers

I started writing when I was 8. From that point until the beginning of my freshman year of college, my goal was to work for a newspaper. For ten years I had big dreams of working my way up the food chain and a big city paper. I wanted to see […]


The Supreme Discipline of Running

My mom keeps telling me to “walk, don’t run” (which is, by the way, the title of Cary Grant’s very last movie shot in 1966).  I love my mom. But what she doesn’t know is, walking and running are like water and gasoline. They are two totally different categories of […]