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Copy writer, good man, and a screenplay perpetrator. Incurable fan of thrillers and film noir, trips taken on a moment’s notice, and tight solid fiction.

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Loneliness of Learning

I’m at a seaside resort somewhere in the Aegean. I’ve just visited the Temple of Apollo today. Built 2,700 years ago, the temple was surrounded by stone blocks full of inscriptions in classical Greek, which of course I cannot read.

I kicked myself why I haven’t devoted the time in the past to learn this ancient language. How wonderful it would’ve been to read these ancient “hardcover books” chiseled into granite.

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America’s Real Treasure

Here is a commencement speech that every American (and every culture vulture, for that matter) should read.

In this important speech retired U.S. Justice David Souter defends the U.S. Supreme Court against charges of “activism” and explains why a simple-minded “fair reading of facts” approach to Constitutional law won’t do. He explains (in a manner that even I can understand) why INTERPRETATION of the law is a necessary ingredient of serving the American people since different articles of the Constitution need periodic reviews due to the fact that social values that guide such articles themselves change.

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