Author: Ashleigh Holmes

Movie Review: Gone Baby Gone

I usually do my best to review a movie, give my opinions and still keep the important surprises for you to discover on your own should you decide to see the movie. I started a blog for Gone Baby Gone a few weeks ago but stopped because I realized that […]


Irony, Existentialism, and Extraterrestrials, Oh My!

Irony is defined in my trusty Webster’s New World Dictionary as an event or result that is the opposite of what is expected.  It follows, logically, that ironic is opposite to what is or might be expected.  So, by definition, it’s incredibly ironic that my movie viewing has decreased since I […]


Movie Review: The Fall

When I went to see The Counterfeiters at Magnolia a few months ago, I saw the poster for The Fall.  It caught my eye as I was headed to the ladies room before the movie started.  I stood transfixed by the poster.  I’m not really sure why; I just stared […]


Movie Review: The Happening

I love M. Night Shyamalan’s films.  The man makes me speechless.  The storylines in Sixth Sense, Signs and The Village will always be amongst my favorites, especially The Village.  There was just something haunting about it and the character that Joaquin Phoenix played.   


Movie Review: The Counterfeiters

Just like Rene Zellweger tells Tom Cruise that he “had her at hello” in Jerry Maguire, the Counterfeiters had me at Nazi and Concentration Camp when I read the synopsis.  I’ve always been fascinated by the European part of World War II, especially the Holocaust.   

Patrick Dempsey in Made of Honor

Movie Review: Made of Honor

Writing movie reviews has made me realize that almost every movie I see is in some way a chick flick.  Sure there are the outliers like There Will Be Blood or Michael Clayton that I really enjoy, but by and large, it’s a pretty safe bet that I’m going to […]


The Dark Knight Movie Review (2008)

Here it is, people.  The one for which you’ve all been waiting. Quite honestly, I was at a loss for how to start this one.  I loved the movie.  It was fabulous.  I can’t wait to see the next installment, but even I’m getting tired of hearing myself sing the […]