About Us

Our Story

What would happen if a group of people took a closer look at our culture and examined the traditions and assumptions of our every day lives?

You get a website like this one. The content won’t always be flashy or go viral, but they are conversations that need to be held. We are mining for gems and we hope you’ll come alongside and search with us.

We are driven by values

Before you can shape a culture, you have to understand your own values and come clean with all the gaps and holes in your thinking. It’s about telling ourselves better stories that empower greater change and foster a culture of honesty and dignity and respect. If that resonates, we want to hear from you.

Quick to Listen

We have our ear on the pulse of the culture, through online and local communities.

First to Adapt

When a flawed mindset is exposed, we hop into adaptation mode.

Last to Talk

When addressing an issue, we pause to reflect and ask intelligent questions.

Daniel Dessinger

Founder / Contributor

Ugur Akinci

Writer / Contributor


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