A Truly Historic Election in 2008

Well it finally has happened, history has indeed happened.  There was strong debate throughout the process, people feeling very passionate about the issues.  There were a lot of ups and downs and while it was possible to see the outcome well before election night, I do not think anyone really knew what it would feel like until the numbers became final. 

This was indeed a historic election, one that will affect lives forever and one that we will always be talking about.

On Tuesday Nov 4th the voters had a choice and because of the freedom that we have in this country they made that choice and what a choice it was.  The city of Roanoke had two bills on the ballot, one to allow alcohol to be sold in stores which barely lost, 789 against, 788 for.

The other bill would allow alcoholic drinks to be sold in a restaurants and this easily passed 1094 to 497.  Every vote was critical and…..

Wait! Was this not the historic election YOU were thinking of?  Oh, you were thinking about the Presidential election.  Well, in that case I can write about that too. 

The election of Obama is also a historic election and worthy being on the great blog of truth.  The level of excitement for Obama is something that I have not seen in my life time.

Obama will have a tough task for the next four to eight years, war in Iraq and Afghanistan, Islamic terrorist that will still hate America regardless of who is President, and of course a slowing global economy and financial crises. 

Obama will have to deal with extremist in his own party and will have to find ways to work with Republicans too.

The thing that worries me the most is the amount of expectations that people have of Obama.  Change does not come quickly and it is much easier to talk change then to actually do change. 

We will have a new President soon and I congratulate him on his victory and hope that he is right when he says “Yes we can”.

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