2008 Democratic Convention Review

Just in case you do not know, I am a pretty solid Republican, have been my whole life, so I would suggest you take my views on the Democratic Convention with a grain of salt.  As I watched Obama speech I must say that I loved everything he had to say. 

I thought what he said about taxes was right, his approach with guns was right, I agree with him on the issue of gay people having the same hospital and tax benefits of heterosexual people, I liked how he talked about individual responsibility.  I liked everything he said and I doubt that the Republican Convention will be as well put together as the Democratic one was.

The problem for me is I do not think it can happen.  I do not believe that there is a single government program that any President, Republican or Democrat is prepared to cut no matter how poorly it is doing

I do not think that the President or their staff will go line by line through the budget and cut the pork spending because one Senator’s pork is another Senator’s essential program.  I do not believe that our tax code will be reformed because everyone and I mean everyone, enjoys their own deductions and are so beholden to them that even if the new system is better they will feel like they are being cheated.

It is not that I do not like “yes we can”, I just don’t think it is possible.  If Obama does become President then I will be the first to tell you that I hope I am wrong.  In 1980 when the Great Ronald Reagan became President there were many people who thought that Reagan’s belief that we could beat communism was impossible. 

In 1970’s the best anyone thought that we could do was contain communism but that it would always be around.

Reagan said no, we can win, freedom can win.  Reagan said yes we can and he was right.  While we can debate the economic views of Reagan and we can debate environmental policies, we can not debate who was right about the future of the totalitarian regime of the USSR.  Reagan said yes we can when many people said it was impossible.

Now, if Obama is right then I want to see him do the town hall meetings with John McCain like he said he would.  If Obama is right then I wish he would have taken public money as he promised so that way there would be no question that he really is a different kind of politician. 

Finally, if Obama is right, then I hope he wins the election this fall.

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