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college students celebrating outdoors with hanging lights

Why Is Culture Important?

There are only so many decisions you can make in isolation. Without other people’s input,…

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poster of The American, a film starring George Clooney from 2010

The American (2010) – A Cold Story Served Well Like Chilled Caviar

This is a cold movie. No, it’s a FREEZING cold movie! (WARNING: some story spoilers…

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person looking out a window at the rain outside

Loneliness of Learning

I’m at a seaside resort somewhere in the Aegean. I’ve just visited the Temple of…

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painting of Narcissus by Caravaggio

Narcissus And Scholarship Revisited

Yesterday, I received a postcard from a friend studying in Rome that had the Italian…

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Poster of film called Intermission, 2003

Movie Review: Intermission (2003) A “Romantic Thriller” That Parodies Itself

Intermission, director John Crowley’s first film, is supposed to be a film about “life is what…

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Jose Saramago

José Saramago and the Reconstruction of Novel as an Inner Monologue

After having weathered the post-modernist deconstructionist storm of the last fifty years, I think the…

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